AIDS Combat International (ACI)

"ACI is a non political, non sectorial, non profit making organization working round the clock for HIV positive/AIDS patients in Mumbai, INDIA. ACI got registered in the year 2002 under the Bombay Public Trust Act. Reg: No: E -20263."


Awareness about the diseases plays a very important role, especially in HIV infected & Aids patients. Awareness is done to reduce social stigma and discrimination. During the talks we stress more on the prevention aspect. Prevention is better than CURE, this should hit the mind of the common people. With one person getting infected every minute in our country, HIV/AIDS can become a major economy problem. As such 50% of the cases are in the young age group (between 20-45 yrs). Awareness amongst the youngster is also very important. They can bring a revolutionary change by creating awareness amongst all the classes in the society. Awareness done is not restricted only to risk prone population. Door to door awareness is the need of the hour. One of the important aspects in awareness is to create positivism in the mind of both the partners before marriage, They should come forward and do their HIV status (voluntary testing) before getting married. It should be voluntary and not mandatory.

These topics are covered during awareness depending upon the audience.

  • Basic information on HIV/AIDS transmission and how to prevent it.
  • Basic Comfort measures and nursing care for adults and children.
  • Managing symptoms and administering medication.
  • Use of traditional remedies.
  • Universal precautions.
  • Palliative care, including counseling terminally ill people, bereavement counseling and pain relief
  • Psychological support and counseling for ill people, caregivers, orphans, health and social welfare workers and volunteers
  • Training the trainers for continued in-service education, and
  • Stress Management and care for caregivers.